Friday harvest @ The Petite Farmstead

After a late start with a wet, cold, rainy spring, we’re finally starting to see some veggies here at The Petite Farmstead. [Read more…]

Attack of the Killer Ladybugs (Plus 9 Other Natural Ways to Get Rid of Aphids)

It’s official: for the first time in my current garden location, I have aphids.  That’s the bad news.  The good news: they’re only interested in my sunflowers (so far). This led me to do some research on some natural ways to get rid of aphids. [Read more…]

Easy & Free DIY Weed Barrier

Weeds are the bane of any home farmer’s existence.  You can pull them, but it seems like they grow back twice as fast.  You can spray them, but risk killing your veggies in the process. And who needs all those chemicals anyway?  Here’s an easy way to prevent weeds, use less water, and fertilize your garden for cheap or even free.
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A Girl and Her Garden

I’ve loved gardening ever since I can remember.  One of my earliest memories is helping my grandma pick strawberries, peas, and carrots in her vast garden; sampling as I went.

We’d make freezer jam; we preserved peaches, pears, and pickles.  I would watch with wonder as those jars sealed all by themselves.  It was always so satisfying to open a jar of peaches in the middle of our harsh Montana winters and taste… summer. [Read more…]

Sense and Sustainability: The Petite Farmstead

Hello, and welcome to The Petite Farmstead!  I’m so glad you stopped by my little plot of cyberspace – pun totally intended.

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